Arts and Culture

An art colony has emerged in downtown Pacific Grove. 

There are over 40 art venues plus the Pacific Grove Art Center in the downtown. On display is a wide spectrum of art in its many forms, including photography.

Among the varied and often unique art pieces are paintings, sculptures, jewelry, ceramics and other items fashioned in many forms of art media. If you can name it, you may find it among the art venues in downtown Pacific Grove. 

Artists are drawn to Pacific Grove because commercial space is still affordable.

With the growth of the art colony has come an evolution of the Art Walk into the Wine,

Art and Music Walk, offering an opportunity for the public to experience the full spectrum of art, drink some wine, and listen to live music – all for free.

The evening event, normally held once a month, creates excitement downtown, packing restaurants and producing a festive atmosphere, as some people have dinner first and then walk around a three-block area to check out the art venues. For others, it’s all about the Art Walk.

People stop and buy art. Others think it over and come back another day to make their purchases. Still others just enjoy the experience of seeing what the artists have done, appreciate their talents and lean something about art and the meaning of the word “eclectic.”

The Pacific Grove Art Center provides space for local artists to work and to showcase their art, offers dance and other cultural classes and features many types of art exhibits.  

Pacific Grove also offers other cultural aspects, among them the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History in the downtown, an acclaimed small museum that is treasured by local residents and visitors. The museum has an extensive permanent collection of local artifacts and also offers special exhibits and programs for youngsters.

A steel sculpture of a whale in a sand box outside the front entrance of the museum has attracted generations of local families and visitors, who climbed on the whale when they were kids and then came back when they had kids of their own.

There also is the Pacific Grove Performing Arts Center, a venue for local and touring live performances of stage shows, concerts and other events. It is located on the campus of the Pacific Grove Middle School.

Other opportunities are available for cultural enrichment in Pacific Grove. It comes in many forms, from a unique antique gallery to a class at the Pacific Grove Adult School or another outlet. You can learn about Monarch butterflies and why they overwinter in Pacific Grove or what the coastal tide pools are all about.

This is all in addition to the enormous educational opportunities available at the famed Monterey Bay Aquarium on the border between Pacific Grove and Monterey.

For more information, phone the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce office at 831-373-3304 or visit the Tourist Information Center, located at 100 Central Ave. at the entranced to Pacific Grove and is open seven days a week, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.