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Welcome to THE GREAT TIDE POOL ~Tales of Pacific Grove, California

by local award-winning author, Brad Herzog

Love Letters to PG

April 15, 2024

A practical receptacle, the mailbox has one goal.

Collect the daily post. No frills. A simple role.


Cardboard Hallmark greetings. Notes from loved ones, too.

Holiday hellos from friends. Cards that say thank you.


Collections of coupons, political exhortations.

Water and electric bills, party invitations.


But just like a canvas morphs into a great work.

Sometimes a mailbox paints a picture. Just add a little quirk.


Decorate your mailbox, and it goes beyond the post.

It brightens up the neighborhood in this town by the coast.


Instead of just inhaling mail, it exhales outwardly

And actively insists, “Hey neighbor, look at me!”


It’s no surprise Pagrovians tend to go all out.

Why decorate a whimper when you can craft a shout?


Shells and driftwood, mosaic, a painted garden scene.

Azure. Amber. Apricot. Atomic tangerine.


A lighthouse, a dolphin, a pelican, a heron.

A pretty purple pooch and Snoopy, the Red Baron.


They're working works of art. Stop and take a gander

At a smile that punctuates each block of a meander.


So stroll along. Appreciate eccentricity.

A gift of whimsy offered to the people of PG.

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