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Cream & Crumbles

649 Lighthouse Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Phone: (415) 300-7687

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Cream & Crumbles

At Cream and Crumbles, we share a simple conviction: Here in Pacific Grove, life is sweet. And while we adore all things divine and delightful, we believe ice cream takes the cake.  Our ardent mission is to bring a little extra joy into your lives by serving colorful, creamy confections that compel you to kick back and embrace the moment with family, friends and neighbors. And because we wouldn’t want any child of any age to go without, we have worked hard to ensure that all of our treats are nut free, egg free and soy free. We also offer a variety of selections that are vegan, gluten-free and, hopefully, worry free. Connect with us on Facebook @creamandcrumbles Picture us on Instagram @creamandcrumblesicecreamshop

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