Real Estate

Pacific Grove is the hometown to buy property in if you are looking for breathtaking beauty, a multitude of recreational activities, low traffic, a comfortable climate and an outstanding long-term investment.

Popularly known as the best seaside sanctuary, Pacific Grove possesses a quaint and quiet charm all its own. Famous for its numerous Victorian-style Monterey homes, Pacific Grove has a rich architectural history apparent in its old-style downtown. The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History and the Community Library, two of the town's attractions, are popular with residents and indicative of the understated nature of the town. The Monarch butterfly also calls Pacific Grove home, famously migrating there annually to nest in the coastal grove at the edge of town.

Other notable aspects of Pacific Grove include the sweeping expanse of coastline on the Monterey Bay, with many homes enjoying one-of-a-kind views, and a city-owned golf course that is also near the bay and is regarded as one of the great golf values on the Monterey Peninsula. In addition to a variety of sizes and prices of single-family homes, a number of large condominium complexes are available in Pacific Grove.

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