Getting Here

Pacific Grove is located on the very tip of the scenic, tree-shrouded Monterey Peninsula in between Pebble Beach and the City of Monterey.

By Car:

Los Angeles to Pacific Grove:
The 320-mile drive on US Hwy 101 from Los Angeles takes 5.5 to 6 hours
Coast Highway 1 is 346 miles and takes 7 to 7.5 hours


San Jose to Pacific Grove:
The 73-mile drive takes 1.5 hours


San Francisco to Pacific Grove:
Taking US Hwy 101 is 125 miles and takes 2 hours

Sacramento to Pacific Grove:
Taking Hwy 5 is 203 miles and takes 3-3.5 hours

This is approximate depending on travel conditions, weather and stops.

Fly to Pacific Grove:

The Monterey Regional Airport is 5.5 miles from Pacific Grove.

With the Monterey Regional Airport’s commercial airlines, you can book a direct flight, or a flight with an easy connection, with one of the major carriers and their regional partners.


The Monterey Airbus provides shuttle service between the Monterey Peninsula and

San Jose International and San Francisco International Airports.