Pacific Grove Winter Bucket List

Pacific Grove Bucket List


1.Visit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

Coming to Monterey for the holidays or beyond? Stop by Pacific Grove and say hello to several thousand of the Monterey Peninsula’s favorite winged tourists, the monarch butterfly. Pacific Grove is an overwintering ground for monarchs coming from across the continent who take refuge on the grove’s eucalyptus trees and fly around the city. Stop by November through March to get your best monarch moment.


2.Spend the Day at Lovers Point

There are few spots on the Monterey Peninsula that give you a better view than the beach and park at Lovers Point. Stop by the Lovers Point Beach Café at the Beach House Restaurant and grab a waffle with coffee and sit back to spectacular ocean and mountain views. Alternatively, pack your own lunch and a camp out on the beach. Dip your toes in the water or bring your camera and keep your eyes on the horizon for whales and otters! Alternatively, grab a bike, kayak or surfboard from Adventures by The Sea and get moving for an even better view.


3.Dine and Shop in Downtown Pacific Grove

Need to check off some last minute holiday shopping or does someone you love have a winter birthday? No worries, stop by Pacific Grove and treat them to a world class dining experience at one of the Butterfly Town’s many fine restaurants, including the Red House Café, Victorian Corner and Passionfish. Unique shops and galleries carry gifts you won’t find in big box stores or online that your loved one will be sure to cherish for years to come.


4.Watch The Sunset at Asilomar

Participate in a local tradition and get a taste of why some people visit Pacific Grove and never leave. Asilomar State Beach is a half-mile white sand beach and a popular surf spot. During clear afternoons, dozens to hundreds of locals gather at the state beach to watch natures nightly spectacle. Come early and bring your camera, you won’t want to miss this.