Pacific Grove Blooms: The Return of the Magic Carpet

Pacific Grove Blooms: The Return of the Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet is a phenomenon unique to Pacific Grove, one that generates more phone-calls than any other terrestrial occurrence in the County.

It typically comes out in mid-April, completely blanketing the coastline in popping pink hues by the early and middle weeks of May and lasting into June.

Pacific Grove is situated at the tip of the Monterey Peninsula, an area with no shortage of spellbinding natural beauty. What sets Pacific Grove apart from its more famous neighbors is its shoreline. Part of what makes that access so special, and worth preserving for both locals and visitors alike, is the annual Magic Carpet bloom every spring.

In 1943, living in a tiny cabin overlooking Pacific Grove’s Lovers Point, gardener and self-styled adventurer Hayes Perkins (1874–1964) began to clear a poison oak-covered ocean bluff in Pacific Grove.  Perkins’s hand-water the coastal bluff with a mix of shrubs and South African drosanthemum floribundum, a succulent of the ice plant variety. Over 14 years he single-handedly created a nearly one-mile-long pathway into a dazzling springtime carpet of fluorescent-purple blooms, a floral “Magic Carpet”. Named Perkins Park in 1950, the garden plays an important role in the town’s appeal as a resort destination.