Why Choose a Bed & Breakfast for Your Weekend Getaway?

Why Choose a Bed & Breakfast for Your Weekend Getaway?

A bed and breakfast is a great alternative to the traditional hotel stay. Many of the B&Bs throughout the Pacific Grove, CA are located in restored old homes and mansions, offering a space full of history and comfort. Staying in a B&B can offer an uncommon and unique experience for your next weekend getaway!

Benefits of Staying at a Bed & Breakfast:

Breakfast is included. Though this may seem obvious, it is actually a great amenity in terms of convenience and savings. Some facilities offer continental spreads, whereas others offer a hot gourmet meal that may even be served in your room! Often times, hotels offer bland breakfast options during restricted hours of the morning.

Fewer guests mean more peace and quiet. Bed and breakfasts don't usually cater to families and are a popular choice for couples. Because B&Bs are more exclusive, they are ideal for a quiet weekend getaway.

Service is personal. With only a handful of guests, owners of B&Bs can provide a more personal experience. Bed and breakfast owners are generally more invested in ensuring your stay is a great one, versus hotel staff.

Often times, B&Bs are off the beaten path. Hotels are constructed in highly-trafficked areas, close to city hubs. While this can be convenient, it can limit the area that travelers will explore. A bed and breakfast located in an "out-of-the-way" area gives you an opportunity to see less traveled parts of the community that you may otherwise miss.

Unexpected luxuries may be included. B&Bs tend to offer extra special touches that make your stay more luxurious than a hotel, such as high-quality linens and organic, local food. Because their facility is smaller, more attention is paid to detail and comfort.

Though bed and breakfasts tend to be priced higher than hotels, they offer a better value overall. Because of the amenities and personalized service offered, B&Bs offer a more unique experience than your average hotel stay.

If you're considering choosing a bed and breakfast for your next weekend getaway, check out your options here.