Presidents in Pacific Grove

Presidents in Pacific Grove

Presidents in Pacific Grove


1891 Benjamin Harrison Visits Pacific Grove


President Benjamin Harrison visits Pacific Grove on April 30 and rides on the first trip of the Monterey and Pacific Grove Street Railway.


1901 William McKinley Visits Pacific Grove


President McKinley visits Pacific Grove and gives a speech from his carriage stopped on Lighthouse Avenue. After his speech, he visits the Methodist Church.


1896 Theodore Roosevelt Visits Pacific Grove


While not a sitting United States President at the time of his visit to the city of Monterey in 1896 (Roosevelt was then President of the New York City Board of Police Commissioners) Roosevelt explored Pacific Grove just a few months before becoming William McKinley’s vice-president. True to his reputation as a lover of horses, Theodore Roosevelt rode horseback from the Del Monte Hotel now the Naval Postgraduate School, through Pacific Grove and onto the 17 Mile Drive.