Tessuti Zoo: A Menagerie of Fun and Color in Pacific Grove

Tessuti Zoo: A Menagerie of Fun and Color in Pacific Grove

Tessuti Zoo: A Menagerie of Color and Fun on Forest Avenue


           Nestled in an appropriately vibrant shop at 171 Forest Avenue is Tessuti Zoo, perhaps the most delightfully kaleidoscopic retail store Pacific Grove visitors could ever come across.

            The business is headed by textile industry veteran Emily Owens, sole proprietor for the last nine years, and has been captivating tourists and locals alike since 1997. It began as the shared vision of Owens and Mary Troup, two talented artists and friends that wanted to share their creativity with the world together after each running their own successful galleries in town, Mary's "Playful Spirit" and Emily's "Emily Ann Originals." 

Self-described as a whimsical menagerie, the store stocks colorful handmade creations made primarily by Emily, but also includes paintings, decorations, clothing and gifts from other artisans both local and national. Emily has been at the helm since 2011 and since taking over, she has doubled the store’s sales and inventory and has enjoyed tremendous success in the past several years through a combination of hard work, tenaciousness and vibrant creativity.

          Emily fosters a community mindset that has made her a key player in supporting the broader business community of Pacific Grove. She has participated in Pacific Grove’s Downtown Business Improvement District and created a scavenger hunt to draw residents and visitors to the downtown area to encourage shopping. Emily also created and organized a Friday Night Lights event downtown to stimulate Christmas shopping during the holidays. Finally, Emily has provided the City of Pacific Grove with hundreds of lanterns and butterflies to hang in the trees downtown during the Feast of Lanterns and Butterfly Parade events respectively. Emily has also assisted with setup and takedown of these items early in the morning, an effort to contribute directly to improving the appeal of the downtown during important events.

            Tessuti Zoo has also been a valued member of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce for many years, collaborating with us on various event promotions including during the Feast of Lanterns every August. In 2012, Emily also received the Award of Excellence for Best Retail Store by the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce.