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Pacific Grove offers a variety of restaurants satisfying everybody’s taste and pocketbook, ranging from elegant and romantic to comfortable and casual.

You can dine in a top restaurant or grab a hamburger at the Lover’s Point beach snack bar, each providing a unique and memorable experience.

If you want breakfast, lunch or dinner or just a cup of coffee and a pastry, a sandwich or soup or salad or a slice of pizza, or the whole pizza, there are over 60 restaurants to meet your desires, in addition to caterers who will bring the food to you.

The types of food are like the many stars in the sky, and like the stars, no two dining choices are alike. Not only the food differs widely but also the atmosphere. It could be a dinning room with a view of passers-by or no view. Seating outside for pet-friendly dining or inside amid elegant, rustic, comfortable or simply unusual settings.

There is Asian food, including Chinese, Japanese, Thai and others, as well as casual and fine-dining seafood restaurants, featuring locally caught, sustainable seafood; Mexican and Southwestern menu offerings; upscale and family-style Italian restaurants; and a wide choice of American restaurants that cover all the bases.

California cuisine is widely offered, featuring fresh vegetables, often coming from the Salinas Valley, the “Salad Bowl of the World, ” and high-quality food served in a casual atmosphere.

Among Old World choices for food is a wide range of European/Mediterranean menu items, including French, Continental, Middle-Eastern and other cuisines.

You can eat downtown, up the hill on Forest Avenue, along Central Avenue at the entrance to Pacific Grove, on the secluded Lighthouse Avenue Inn Row, at and near the heavily forested Asilomar Conference Grounds, and elsewhere, including the Pacific Grove Golf Links, where you can watch deer compete with golfers for space on the course.  

Some restaurants stand out in a crowd. Others are tucked away. It’s the eclectic nature of Pacific Grove in which a restaurant in a historic building that looks like it did 100 years ago sits alongside a restaurant in a building that isn’t old enough to vote.

As you dine, enjoy the fine wines that are available to complement your food. Many of the wines are locally produced in the Salinas Valley.

For more information, click on the links down the left side of this page, phone the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce office at 831-373-3304, or visit the Tourist Information Center, located at 100 Central Ave. at the entrance to Pacific Grove and is open seven days a week, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.